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Hướng dẫn sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC-3001

Hướng dẫn sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC-3001

Hình 1. Bếp từ Malloca DC-3001


Hình 2. Phím chức năng bếp từ Malloca DC 3001

Hinh 3. Phím chức năng và thông số bếp từ Malloca DC-3001

Operation Guide for Induction Hob

  ON/OFF of Heating Area

          Connect the appliance to the power supply. Touch the ON/OFF button (button1) for about 0.8 second. The columns will show in succession from left to right. It is advisable to input power level, otherwise the  hob will turn off automatically. Turning on the Heating Area

   Press the power +/- button for about 0.3 seconds when the appliance is turned on. The heating area is available for operation.

Turning off the Heating Area:

Press the +/- button for about 0.8 seconds, the heating area will be turned off.

Residual Heat Indication:

Considering the safety of the user, there will be residual heat indication, when the surface temperature is higher than 65℃

  The residual heat will be displayed at the fourth LED of the displaying area of heating area and it will  display ”H”. The left heating area is correspondent with LED14, right heating area is correspondent with LED15.

Shutting off Automatically (At Maximum Time Limit)

Each heating power level has a maximum work time limit, please refer to the power table in the appendix (For example, the maximum work time limit for 6th power level is 90 seconds).If one power  level has worked longer than the table showed maximum time limit, the relative heating area will turn-off automatically. If regulating the power within working maximum limit time, it will come to a new maximum working time limit. But if the heating area had been set time with timer in advance, the heating area will not turn-off automatically. 

Hình 4. Hướng dẫn sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC3001



Video hướng dẫn sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC-3001

Preset Time with Timer

  After chosen timer, the corresponding indicator will twinkle as mentioned above. By pressing the button  (0.3 seconds), it will set time. When press buttons + / - at the same time, it is available to set the timer to zero.    The timer will work automatically in 10 seconds after the time is set. Decimal point in the first LED will display the timer whether it is working or editing. When the decimal point is twinkling, the timer is working.

While the decimal point is on for long time, the timer could be edited. When two timers are turned on at the same time, three LED will show the editing timer in front of others. When two timers are working at the same time, three LED will show the timer which has less  remaining time. The indicator light will twinkle for the one which is showing, and for the one that does not be showed, the timer indicator will be on.

Preset the Cooking Time

   Press the timer button, the relative LED light will twinkle as mentioned above. Then press the button or (about 3 seconds) to set time for cooking.  If press”+”and”-”buttontogether, the timer will be set to be zero.  

    The timer will work 10 seconds after it is set. The first LED will show whether  the timer is working or editing.  If the decimal point is twinkling, it indicates that the timer is working.If the decimal point is on, it  indicates that it is in editing state. 

    If the two timers are turned on at the same time, three LED will preferentially show the one which is in editing state.  When the two timers are working at the same time, the three LEDs will preferentially LEDs will preferentially show the one which have less time. For the timer which is shown,its indicator its indicator will twinkle, and another one will on.

Timer Alarm & Confirmation:

     When it comes to preset cooking time, there will be an alarm, and the heating area will turn-off automatically.

    The buzzer will buzzing. The timer indicator and LED showing area will twinkle, it is advisable to press any button to confirm, otherwise, the alarm will disappear in 2 minutes.

   It is set to press any button for 0.3 seconds, but if the ON/OFF button ON/OFF is pressed over 0.3 seconds, and keep longer than 0.8 seconds, the hob will turn-off automatically.

Hình 5. Hướng dẫn sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC 3001

Heating Area Error Code

Hình 6. Hướng dẫn sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC3001

    ◆ This product operates under 220V/50Hz A.C. It should be supplied with 25-50A circuit that  able to load the maximum power of this product.
    ◆ There are few possibilities in the event the hob stop operating, it is because the temperature has exceeded the customary temperature. At this moment, the power supply will automatically  disconnected. When the temperature cools down, it will work again.
    ◆ In order for the hob to function properly, it is advisable to use good quality flat bottom pans  and pots. For best results, we recommend pans or pots to be placed on top of circle on the surface  of the hob.
    ◆ It is not advisable to operate the hob without placing any utensil on top of it.
    ◆ It is must to have a 3mm all extremely disconnect device.
    ◆ Children are prohibited to access or near te hob especially when the hob is operating which generates high temperature.
    ◆ It is advisable to disconnect the power supply once finish cooking.
    ◆ In case of breakage, even if it is only slightly cracked, disconnect the unit from the main power supply and stop using it.
    ◆ Please do not put metallic kitchenware such as the knife, fork, spoon, and cover , and the  like on the top of  hob, cause they maybe get hot.
    ◆ Out of consideration for safety and super power of ceramic hob and induction hob, it is not  advisable to use two or more burners at the same time.
   ◆ Please disconnect the hob from the main power supply when you wish to clean it. Please  wait for the ceramic top to cold-off before doing any cleaning on the hob. Wipe-off the stain or dirt with damp cloth or use a mild, not-abrasive cleaning detergent.
    ◆ The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage to persons to property caused by improper installation or by improper usage.
    ◆ Children are strongly prohibited to use the hob or its control panel.
    ◆ If the power wire is breakdown, it is necessary to have manufacturer or the professionals to change it.
Hình 7. Lưu ý khi sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC-3001
Hình 8. Hướng dẫn sử dụng bếp từ Malloca DC-3001
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